Potential Studies, Policy, Program Research & Evaluation & Support

Our experts also provide potential studies to help you find the most efficient way to save energy.

Regulatory and Policy Studies

Opportunities for policy improvement often develop from other work and sometimes through special policy studies. We also carry out management studies and staffing studies for the Demand Side Management and Evaluation areas. We provide support in areas of contested measurement, including expert witness services and litigation support. We can optimize the different types of utility low-income programs. Our new practice area is DSM related Climate Adaptation programs and evaluation. We also carry out regulatory and policy studies, including decoupling.

Potential Studies

We can cover the full Demand Side of an Integrated Resource Plan, including a careful forecast for what conservation is possible over the next 15-20 years with our potential studies. We also develop climate trend effects on programs and revenue. We help with the planning and design of programs.

Working with Multi-Party Projects

We help utility, government and hybrid administrators work with multi-party projects and can also help community groups work with administrators. We have experience in several long-term collaborative.