A Dedicated Company

H. Gil Peach and Associates is committed to providing you with informative studies that stem from our wealth of experience. Make the right decisions for your next project with our recommendations.

Bringing Perspective & Knowledge

In business since 1988, H. Gil Peach and Associates has 30 years of experience with electric, gas, water and low-income programs and evaluations, plus extensive in-depth experience in urban analytics to optimize public services. Offering a deep level of service and evaluation, we have been all over the United States and Canada, bringing perspective and knowledge that you will acquire. Having done hundreds of these projects in many different organizations and jurisdictions, we bring our experienced practice to you.

Our owner and experienced team possess the necessary knowledge and experience. Customers come back because we cover them and ensure they are in conformance with regulations and legislation required by their jurisdiction. We help insure that your programs perform well: cost-effective, on mission, on time and on budget. We offer recommendations to ensure it happens.